Laney College Guided Pathways Working Group                         Team Members

Tammeil Gilkerson, Ed.D., President

Rudy Besikof, Ed.D., Vice President of Instruction

Vicki Ferguson, Vice President of Student Services

Gary Albury, Director of Student Activities & Campus Life
Fred Bourgoin, President, Faculty Senate

Eleni E. Gastis, Vice President, Faculty Senate
Suzan Tiemroth-Zavala, ESOL Faculty Member
Elizabeth Maher, ESOL Faculty Member

Donald Moore, PhD., Faculty Member, Anthropology

Blake Johnson, Faculty Member, Social Sciences Cluster

Douglas Bruce, Faculty Member, Biomanufacturing
Sarah Backes-Diaz, Counselor

Denise Richardson, Dean of Math, Sciences, and Humanities

Robert Tracy, Lab Coordinator, Biology Department
Chuen Chan, PhD., Dean of Liberal Arts 

Phillippa Caldeira, Reference/Instruction Librarian

Laney College Quad (aerial view)
Laney College Quad (aerial view)

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